Research Projects
are multidisciplinary
A number of different technical and laboratory experts are needed for each involved field in a project. Nisolab helps its customers by providing them with different types of research services which could be integrated to complement their expertise to get the best results for their projects.
Immunogenomics & Immunology
  • TCR repertoires:
    • Blood and other fluids (CSF, Synovial fluid)
    • FFPE from tumor or other diseases
  • HLA genomic typing
  • KIR genomic typing
  • Cytokine analysis by means of ELISA
  • COVID-19 Cellular Immunity
  • Whole genome , specially human whole genome sequencing and analysis
  • Exome and other targeted approaches. We can design a panel either by means of capture or by PCR
  • RNA-Seq
Different technologies: illumina, Oxford Nanopore and PacBio
  • We analyze microbiomes from different localizations: gut, mouth, urine, synovial liquid, bronchial lavage or other fluids.
  • We analyze the microbiome of tumor microenvironment.
Our microbiome services can be based on different NGS technologies: illumina, Oxford Nanopore, PacBio
  • Integration and analysis of Data from different sources
  • Automated bioinformatics pipelines
  • Software solutions for real world problems
  • Design and development of new algorithms to analyze Biomedical data
  • Useful Visualizations
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